Born in film and raised in advertising

Aanstekelijk are Bas Burggraaff, Neal Kok and Djordy van Etten. With years of agency and on-set experience under our belts you could call us: Born in film and raised in advertising.

We believe that advertising shouldn’t feel forced and definitely shouldn’t be boring or bland. We’re involuntarily ‘borrowing’ time from your audience, so we’d better give them something in return! That’s why we always add our signature dash of Aanstekelijk-ness to our concepts and campaigns. Something witty, something funny, something gritty, something punny…whatever we need to do to earn you that well deserved attention for your brand.

We aren’t a traditional agency and we love it that way. Being a ‘boutique’ agency for creation as well as production brings a lot of benefits. Every piece of work has our personal signature and we’re highly passionate about every idea, frame or line of copy. Besides that, we have less overhead, and more oversight.

Don’t have endless cash to splash? Aanstekelijk fills the void for ambitious marketing managers, brand owners and ad-agencies who want to stand out with high-end campaigns and content for a fair budget.

Got excited yet? Give us a call! But be warned, we’re highly contagious.

How we do it

Brands we work with.

  • BDEJ
  • Bol
  • Centraal beheer
  • Chocomel
  • Hak
  • Jumbo
  • KPN
  • Optimel
  • Spa
  • Swapfiets
  • knab
  • melkunie