Ziggo & Ajax – Giganet


Our sports minded friends at One:Nil asked us to take a creative and obviously Aanstekelijk approach to deliver their clients Ajax and Ziggo a great commercial to get Giganet across to Ajax’s fanbase (and of course, the rest of The Netherlands). 

The ingredients were, ‘you’ll get some of the stars of Ajax, and you have to promote the rapid Giganet from Ziggo’. We came up with a BBQ at Tadic’s place, where they had a very punny afternoon with all their devices. Most of all, we aimed for the players to have a lot of fun in the process, and the viewers had to be in on it! 

And viral it went! Ajax’s normally very stern and critical fanbase, totally walked away with our execution. With tens of thousands of comments in the likes of ‘best commercial ever’ ‘Champions league level marketing’ and “Pak straal🤣🤣🤣” on every possible social platform, this video has overachieved in every department. Securing Ziggo and Giganet a positive mindset among their fans and, and giving them something they never had before: A little bit of comedy theater by their idols! (This excludes schwalbes of course 😉 

This is EXACTLY what we stand for with Aanstekelijk. Making stuff that people love, by making them laugh in the process.