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Concept, direction, edit


Concept, Strategy, Production: Yune

This feelgood concept – in which we surprise real people that had 'bad experience' with bol.com's service – is one of the key social outings of powerhouse bol.com.

Bol.com, the biggest webshop of the Netherlands, sends out thousands of packages per day. No wonder that sometimes a delivery is late, or the wrong product gets delivered. To highlight the amazing service bol.com has, we started the 'Goedmaker' content series in which we surprise people who experienced problems with their order. All of these surprises are completely real and the clients never know what hits them.

Djordy, Neal & Bas have been on board since 2018 with our big friends at Yune to co-create, direct and edit the 'Goedmaker' and give it that dose of Aanstekelijk-ness® that fits Bol's social profile like a glove.

Steven ordered lights for his bike, to stand out in traffic, but he didn't receive a thing... So we made him stand out.

We invited rapper Wiwa (formerly known as Willie Wartaal) to surprise Steven with a true Dutch version of MTV’s Pimp My Ride: Pimp My Bike! As Steven is a big fan of music, he gets his own party bike with DJ booth. Long story short: Steven is the light of the party from now on!

Marc ordered a Formula 1-game for his birthday, but the package crossed the finish line a week later...

To make it up to Marc, we asked F1 expert Rob Kamphues to take him under his wings. Rob brought Marc to the F1 Circuit of Zandvoort, where he got driving lessons to earn his own racing license. And in the end... he got to race Rob and former F1 driver Robert Doornbos.

Guus ordered ski pants for his winter sports, but he tore out of them on the first slope. Must have been pretty cold on the... cheeks.

Therefore, we gave him warm a winter sports trip. Together with his cousin (who was in on the secret surprise), we surprised Guus and took him to Musquat, Oman – where he enjoyed a nice and hot sand boarding trip. Oh, by the way, we also made him his own après-ski hut. With camels.

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Best Social Award - category webcare

We won a best social award, and we've been nominated a couple of times for other awards, like a Spinaward and the Content Grand Prix.

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